Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Started this one a few days ago, had to put it away but then finished it today.


  1. This is an interesting blog.

    What do you all think about this?

  2. Hey Jason, thanks for looking.

    Your layout is obviously more fragmented but I wouldn't say that it makes the piece abstract.
    (That's not to say I don't like it.)

    Did you paint this one?
    It might qualify as an 'abstract comic'. Did you intend for the panels to be read sequentially or are they just there to divide the different areas in the picture?

  3. Thank you for looking/reading.

    Well, the term abstract, in its original sense, implied representation, though a simplified, exaggerated, distorted, etc. interpretation thereof. Though the term is used interchangeably with what is more accurately described as "non-representational" or "non-objective" art, which also describes much of the content of this blog. Again, "abstract" is the more popularized term, (and indeed was used to describe the historically first Western attempts at non-representaional art -- Kandinsky, Malevich, et al) though their efforts were only arrived at after the original strategies for abstracting from life, which on this side of the world, (the conventional wisdom is) began with the Impressionists. That, of course, is a huge generalization of over a hundred years of art history, so...

    I did indeed paint said image...I employ the panels as foundational elements; for me they function as sequential panels and as more painterly abstract elements. They are pages trying to become paintings, paintings trying to become pages.

    It's fairly representative of much of my output --

  4. Hi Jason--I too really like your paintings. I would love to see an expansion of the way you use panels there into something like a longer-form abstract comic (a painting a page?). But without giving up the surface texture, the painterliness you have in your paintings--that's what I find beautiful.


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