Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Four strips


  1. I love it! Very elemental (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) - I think?! I never know how to read these things but I'm kinda glad it's not in color. You almost had all primes ( further the 'elemental' theme).

  2. Yeah, I'm glad you noticed that. The first three panel counts are primes and the last one is a composite. The first three are about contained and claustrophobic situations but then the fourth is about release and connecting to somewhere else. (I was going to mention that I drew these when I had a head cold.) With my mind tripping, I put all sorts of subtle private jokes in these. For instance, the first panel is a reference to something I used to find funny in superhero comics - when the destination in the background was in perspective but the foreground of the superhero flying toward the destination was flattened so it looked like they were flying past the destination. I never knew why they did that. (It read easier? The artist was rushed for deadline?) I'm not sure but it always made me laugh. There's also that drip at the end of the third one. Lots of little things like that. Thanks for your comments - abstract comics are awesome.

  3. Thanks for the explanation! Finally! I still haven't learned how to read this language yet so at times I feel like a bit of a Kindergartener. I hope abstract comics are not one of those things that require the viewer/reader to be in the same state of mind that the artist was at the time they did the piece to understand it. Not that I would mind having a cold, but some of the other pieces, what part of the imagination could they come from? My place is safely outside the page. :)


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