Monday, July 5, 2010


You might be too young to remember ABCOLAB #1.
Well, even if you do, it's time for something new. It's time for ABCOLAB #2!!

This one was easy and EVERYBODY (yes, that would've included you) was invited to join in...

All they had to do was draw ONE SQUARE PANEL
(something abstract in black & white)
and e-mail it to me or post a link in the comments section.

Here are the panels posted in the order received:

Mike Getsiv, Tim Gaze, Jonny Gray, Maco, Steven LaRose,
Satu Kaikkonen, Steven Bellitt, Rosaire Appel, Alexey Sokolin, Gareth A Hopkins,
Chris Kreuter, A Decker, Daryl P Morris, Charles Newton, Jase Daniels,
Robukka, Rob, Ruela, Emmanuel, El Pájaro Mixto,
Mauro Cesari, Amy Kuttab, Jenny Robins, Abi Daker, Dellde Loport

- 25 artists from 10 countries ( Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, England, Finland, Portugal, Russia, The United States, Uruguay )
- Began on Monday July 5th, 2010 and was completed on Monday July 26th, 2010.
- Inspired new words such as "ABCOLAWESOME", "ABCOLOVELY" and "ABCOFLOGSOME"...

For information about PRINTS FOR SALE or any other inquiries, please ask in the comments below.

At this point, you are invited to REMIX the panels. (Feel free to add color)

ABCOLAB #2 REMIX #1 by Rob:

"The Last Time You Saw Nessie" by Emmanuel:
"Out of the mist Nessie pulled out his head from the icy waters. Someone was watching.
He felt spotted (both meanings). He was furious, but he knew that as a legend
his story had still to be printed in the news and he could dissappear (abstract himself)."
- Emmanuel

ABCOLAB #2 REMIX #3 by Gareth A Hopkins:


Thanks again to everyone who built this comic!


  1. The next guy to post here should go by the name Stev.

  2. That's what I get for not coming around often enough. Just found out. I'll Be BACK! With a panel!

    And ma name ain't Stev...

  3. I just got a call from Stev. It seems he injured his drawing hand pretty badly. I'm not sure exactly what happened. He didn't want to tell me but sadly he cannot make a panel for ABCOLAB #2 so if anyone reading this, who is not necessarily named Stev, wants to make a panel to be used in his place, it would be much appreciated.

    Do it for Stev.

  4. I see you put me in and I'm proud to be. Thank you.

    Three more. We need three more.
    I just thought of a group that might help...

    ~ A. Decker

  5. I'm a friend of A Decker.

    Here's my submission, you can copy at Discharge blogue here

  6. I found several people interested. Is there only one panel left?

  7. I'm the "DarkNeo Treze".


  8. Nice remix, Rob. You've lent a sort of narrative flow.

  9. I really enjoy the first remix. an absolute mind-bender.

  10. Hi Jenny! Sorry I didn't get your panel until it showed up tonight but we still have room... so there you are! Thank you for working on it!

    anxietydecending e-mailed me his panel so it's in there.

    A, you probably asked your question when we were at the end of row three but I added two more rows so the whole piece would be 5 by 5 - making it a square of squares.

    At the time of this posting, there are just two spaces left!!

  11. Now that we've been featured on the Fantagraphics Blog, which clearly states there's details on how to order prints here... any chance of some news on how to order prints? :)

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