Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vocabulary of Abstraction.

Hi everyone. I propose a small collective project that in my experience has always been a rewarding exercise. Given the level of talent collected here, the result may be pretty spectacular.

Below is a picture that you should stretch to 100% and then print out. In each of the boxes, represent the emotion or idea that is labeled either beneath or above the box. You are not allowed to use any recognizable visual vocabulary: words, smiley faces, landscapes, any realistic objects at all. This is a purely abstract prompt. Also, please do not use any complex rendering techniques: clear black ink on paper is highly preferred.

In a week's time, I will post my entry. Please reply to that entry with your own; don't yet post a response because the suspense is worth it. You will be very surprised how people interpret these (if, of course, we get participation). Readers of the blog are more than encouraged to also participate!


  1. awesome conceptual idea!


    brilliant move, an avenue to bring forth
    a true interactivity, i hope everybody
    will do this, i'm gonna try!

  2. Will do! looking forward to the results.

  3. Mine is done (it's very simple) and ready to post
    as soon as you give the word.


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