Sunday, April 12, 2009


This comic, which I made in early 2005, is both French AND Finnish. 


  1. I really really like the version in Mandarin! :)

    This makes me think about the connection between color and sequence. The color is beautiful, but I downloaded the piece, and just to see, extracted the black linework in Photoshop into another document. Looking at that, it seemed to me that the sequentiality, movement from panel to panel, becomes much clearer. The color somehow seems to stop the movement, and almost make it easier to read the piece as a unified abstract painting (I guess because it's so decorative; in your anthology piece, on the other hand, the color definitely adds to the sequence).

    Anyway, I love them both, but they do end up doing different things!

  2. it would make a nice embroidered bedspread.

    if I owned the piece of cloth, I'd rather hang it on a wall than have it on my bed, though.


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