Thursday, April 9, 2009

Automatic Abstract Comix

Hello everyone,

My friend Andreas Kündig had done this generator of abstract stories a few years ago:

The options are in french but I guess that it is understandable. It is based on the very simple idea of a "worm" that moves by growing and shrinking.


  1. Cool! They're really sequential, not just random variations. Maybe I'll start using it as "thumbnails" for some comics.

    BTW, I added the direct link to your post.

  2. tiens, je ne connaissais pas. C'est amusant.

  3. My friend Ibn Al Rabin fails to mention that this is inspired by a comic he did, in which a 'worm' moves by growing and shrinking.

  4. This is an incredible tool! I'll definitely use it as a way to generate things.


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