Tuesday, April 14, 2009

graphic poetry?

I really like Christine Panushka's drawings here:

the last 2 (one of which is to the left) could be seen as abstract comics, with sequential developments from box to box, or as an ambient feeling emanating from the boxes, in no particular order.

I'm inclined to call the second interpretation "graphic poetry" rather than "abstract comics".


  1. hey Tim!

    what about graphopocomix?
    = )

    i think you're right about the
    "sequential developments from box to box"
    in these works & how you bring up the
    ambient feeling is spot on as well,
    we're uncovering an amazing variation
    of possibilities within abstract comics
    here on this blog, eh?

  2. I would actually include all of the pages as an overarching storyline--very cool.


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