Thursday, April 2, 2009

My earliest abstract comic...

Here is the original, drawn in 2001 with a ball-point pen on a 3x5 card while waiting for a friend at The Ione Cafe (don't look for it - it's not there anymore):

and a version that I colored in 2004 before posting it on The Comics Journal Messageboard (Everybody up there loved abstract comics, didn't they Andrei?):

P.S. This is probably not the very first abstract comic I made but the earliest I've found so far. I'll keep digging...


  1. Oh no, just when I was about to announce this blog on the TCJ board, you go and remind me (and them!) of the reactions we used to get.

    Though, actually--you and I, and some other contributors like Casey, met there. Even James, that's how I realized he was interested in abstract comics. So it wasn't all negative, by far.

  2. Thinking of it, that's how I also met Damien, Blaise, Elijah... Even Gary Panter!


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