Thursday, April 2, 2009

Final cover design

Please note that the font for the title has been changed slightly from the earlier version I used for the blog banner. As Jacob himself admits, he stays up late at night obsessing about such things.


  1. wow, a beautiful sight!

    just perfect really.

    & yes, the kerning does look better with this version, actually more legible & balanced.

    big ups to Jacob!!!!

  2. looking closer at the font, it's amazing in typography how the most subtle of changes can have such profound impact

    the R in particular & how the curly version kind of clashed with the straight descender of the A, & just that slight spinal alignment straightening the C gives a certain uprightness to match up well with the panel which it is within.


  3. I agree, the cover is awesome! I especially like the top section with the hard black lines.


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