Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Totem Time in Dreamland (Remix)

Alexey's post on randomization inspired me, and so I did this remix of one of my favorite Bruce Conner drawings:

I made it by first cutting up the original (taken from here, blown up and cleaned up) into twenty pieces, then recombining those pieces according to a preset formula, so I had no free choice as to which panel ended up next to which. I like the way apparent continuities between panels ended up forming anyway, even though I designed the formula specifically to make sure that no contiguous pieces from the original ended up contiguous in the remix.


  1. damn Andrei, you gotta talent for great titles!

    this comic is jawdroppingly eyesum!

    it creates a weird optical effect for me, competing symmetries bumping together in a near vibratory ecstasy, it's also very interesting how it is a doubled narrative, in that it can be read a black dominant or white dominant, or even additional combinations of alternating space interpretations, the ending is perfect, and of course another alternate reading would be thru a Rorschach psychological lens, but ultimately, for me, i like to be lazy & enjoy the immediacy of some strange unexplainable feeling i get when going panel by panel and soak in the richness of such optic gardens.

  2. Thanks, but that title is not mine, it's Bruce Conner's. I just remixed his piece.

  3. d'oh!

    my bad, i thot you thunk it up,
    you are very good at titling.

    i'm remixing the title as:

    "totemic timezones hidden beneath
    a pillow while the dreamer
    releases a slot formerly
    reserved for language


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