Friday, April 10, 2009

The Finns chime in!

Or one of them, at least, Teemu Manninen, with five different pieces.

Since, as far as I can tell, this is the author's first attempt at abstract comics (his earlier work on that site consists of concrete/visual poems)--may I be as bold as to detect reverberations from this blog? Or maybe it's an amazing coincidence.

(BTW, I'm not sure if the first piece there, "A Portrait of Reed Richards," is quite comics, but it's really really funny.)


  1. kaunis räjähdys !
    beautiful explosion!

    i've been amazed by the Finns, a robust enthusiasm & interest they display.

    when i went looking for Swedish avant poetry blogs, i barely found any; but by Thor's hammer! there are tons of cool Finnish blogs focus'd on out-there poetics.

    Finnish language is quite difficult for one to pick up, i rely heavily on my sanakirja & then still only an awkward Finnish minimalist -- the grammar is quite complex i think.

    anyways, many thanx (kiitos) for posting the link, an interesting approach he takes, almost an abstract pop & quite beautiful.

  2. he is definitely a comics fan,

    dig his blog! :

    kesken kaiken

    (it's in English)

  3. also:

    Satu Kaikkonen has put up some digital abstrct cmx on her site,

    click "abstract comics" on left menu:

    suomalainen abstrakti sarjakuvat

    . . .

  4. oh, & i do think yes, reverb from this blog.

    the Finns are very attentive & hip to contemporary goings on.


    = )

  5. Oops, I find myself in bashful waters. I wouldn't think my little pieces would get noticed!

    There was, indeed, I confess, an incentive that was delivered when I found this blog (incidentally, through the Comix-Scholars listserv), though I had been thinking about doing a comics mash-up before.

    I do love the site, and the book, and the ideas here, very very very much. :)


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