Saturday, April 11, 2009

Collaboration with Troy

A while ago, our own troylloyd sent me a number of his little paintings (they're about 4" x 6", on black cardstock, and I couldn't even begin to tell you the medium). I scanned them in and arranged them into the following (by the way, this can also function as an illustration for the second abstract comix exercise I posted below):


  1. Troy, these paintings are pretty amazing. I'm curious what the medium is.

    They work well as a comic too - all those curved shapes moving it along and the interactions are fascinating (credit to Andrei for a good arrangement).

    It's all very cool. Any plans to make prints?

  2. these were a great accident,
    a friend of mine work'd atta
    signshop & was always giving
    me tidbits he got, he gave me
    abuncha large sized slick black
    cardstock, at that time i was playing
    around w/ painting, i was living inna
    old house built 1908 that'd been
    convert'd to a quadplex. at some
    point, i left a piece of this large
    cardstock on the kitchen floor &
    while it was still wet, somehow
    a large thin piece of plexiglass
    got laid on top of it, then i noticed
    the plexiglass slow'd drying time
    & created an almost geological looking
    effect, like when you have a bucket
    or glass of pigmented water if you
    leave it out over time as it evaporates
    it leaves the little rings -- so i
    start'd a series manipulating this aspect,
    i need to try to make some more in that vein,
    i haven't been messin' w/ paints much.

    the medium was Liquitex acrylic, airbrush
    acrylic & Tamiya acrylic model paints.

    probably no prints, it's a monotype
    one-off thing & it has been given away,
    because enthusiasm is the best kind
    of currency.

    yes, Andrei is solely responsible for
    the composition & i love how he made
    it all come together!

    thanx for your kind words!


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