Thursday, April 2, 2009


Welcome to Abstract Comics: The Blog! Abstract Comics: The Anthology is set for release in late June, though we will probably have copies available at the MoCCA festival, in NYC, on June 6th and 7th.

To whet you appetite, here is the list of contributors to the anthology, in order of appearance (yeah, ok, I just cut and pasted from the table of contents):

R. Crumb
Victor Moscoso
Spyros Horemis
Jeff Zenick
Bill Shut
Patrick McDonnell
Mark Badger
Benoit Joly
Bill Boichel
Gary Panter
Damien Jay
Ibn al Rabin
Lewis Trondheim
Andy Bleck
Mark Staff Brandl
Andrei Molotiu
Anders Pearson
Derik Badman
Grant Thomas
Casey Camp
Henrik Rehr
James Kochalka
John Hankiewicz
Mike Getsiv
J.R. Williams
Blaise Larmee
Warren Craghead
Janusz Jaworski
Richard Hahn
Geoff Grogan
Panayiotis Terzis
Mark Gonyea
Greg Shaw
Alexey Sokolin
Jason Overby
Bruno Schaub
Jason T. Miles
Elijah Brubaker
Noah Berlatsky
Tim Gaze
Billy Mavreas

The list should also include Jacob Covey, our designer, who has done an incredible job, incorporating into his design abstract elements that turn the book into an object of art in itself. I should add that our banner pirates elements from his cover design, which itself samples the contributions of Alexey Sokolin and Warren Craghead.

This blog is intended not only to promote the book, but to keep track of all further developments in the world of abstract comics, and to fill in the historical picture with new discoveries and further images and artists whom, for reasons of space, I may not have been able to mention in the introduction. Hopefully it will also function as a focus, on the web, of the abstract comics community, which, based on the evidence of the book, spans the globe from the U.S. to New Zealand, from Belgium to Brazil. Subscribe or check back often!

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