Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brandl: Tornado Romp

A stone lithograph abstract comic. Titled Tornado Romp. 70 x 100 cm. Two colors. 2001. This was one of the first pieces where I was concentrating extremelly hard on my "iconosequentiality" idea --- wherein the overall presence (a la a "normal iconic painting) and the sequentiality (a la a "normal" comic) are both competely equally contributing to the whole. I printed it with a wonderful (and famous) master printer, Urban Stoob, in St. Gallen, Switzereland. Because he enjoys and masters printerly problems, I decided to print in only two colors (and to save money): yellow and grey --- with the stipulation that I did not want anything to become green (as those of you who know from painting or printing, grey and yellow or black and yellow always create green). We mastered it by getting the yellow and grey ink colors excatly correct, and the drawing on the stone correct (some crayon, some painted, yellow revealed, and grey over yellow), so that I got many hue variations of yellow, blue and a blueish grey.

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