Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Extra points for whoever can guess which comic these pages are based on. 
(Andrei isn't allowed to guess because he has all the answers.)


  1. Awww... Not fair...

    Yay for the cutout filter! Here's a Ditkobstract I made in early 2005, I think, for a demonstration on abstract comics on the TCJ board (and we all know how those ended):


  2. What's also funny is that it reminds me of my own "Expedition to the Interior", especially the first three pages, which I made specifically as a Kirby tribute (well, I realized by the second page it was beginning to look like Kirby, so I kept going in that direction), though without basing it on any particular images. Somehow they both end up having that underground (literally!) feel.

  3. rarely do i ever use the phrase OMG!

    but this is so jawdroppingly cool,
    that was my only immediate reaction.

    just simply incredible!

    i dig the matte coloration.

    a beautiful transmogrification!


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