Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jack Kirby went to abstract comics !

(I didn't found this comic book on this blog, so…)

In 1957, Jack Kirby drawn a comic, The Fourth Dimension Is A Many Splattered Thing ! which is quite similar to tv show Twillight Zone, whose two pages are proto-abstract comics (others are more conventionnal) :

Jack Kirby's comic

Jack Kirby's comic

(whole story is here).


  1. Thanks, I've never seen it in color before! The original art for it was published in one of Craig Yoe's books--because, well, as far as I can tell he owns it, and most of Craig's books are about showing us what neat things he has in his collection... :)

    (Love ya, Craig, if you're reading this! Which you're probably not...)

  2. The first time I seen it (in a scan of the original comic book), I didn't know that's Jack Kirby…

    Same panels are incredible (as the one on the top, on the right).


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