Monday, April 29, 2013

what I might have said

what I might have said no. 2
graphite and gesso on duralar
14" x 11"
This is sort of a secret abstract comic.

What I might have said is a small series of drawings I made in response to a paper origami balloon I kept in my pocket over several weeks and pulled out on occasion to blow up. The paper balloon functions as vessel for breath as well as potential container for words and phrases that cannot be adequately articulated. The air in them becomes pregnant with possibility. The drawings borrow their panel compositions from the creases left in an unfolded balloon. The marks found in each panel are systemized codifications of text from an old book never read. The marks become asemic, suggesting story and cadence, but deny specifics. Some of the panels are empty suggesting further fragmentation.

There are seven drawings in this series which debut next Saturday at alt_space gallery in New Symrna Beach, FL. For more info check my art blog.

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