Monday, December 9, 2013

Un fanzine carré numéro D

Hello everybody,

a short note (I am in some kind of hurry)  to let you know that the Editions Hécatombe from Geneva just released the D-th number of their "fanzine" series "Un fanzine carré". It contains three twenty-pages abstract comics by Macchia, Thomas Perrodin and myself.

The website is in french, but you can  have a look at a sample of the pages.

I really like the fact that absolutely nothing is written on this book, neither the title, the name of the authors, signatures, etc, just plain abstract comics. I had posted some pages of my piece on this blog, actually. I don't know if it is possible to order the fanzine or its cost (EDIT: I just saw that the price is 11€), but I can ask the publisher if someone is interested.

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