Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Intercorstal for Offlife

I've been a fan of Off Life comic for a while now -- they release collections of short comics from mostly-UK based creators. The style of the comics the run with is absolutely nothing like what I make, but I thought I'd give it a punt anyway, and repurposed the layout from a Ditko Amazing Spider-man (which Andrei reliably informs me is Ditko's best page, which I genuinely didn't know beforehand).

To make it a slightly better fit, I put some diary-comic style words together -- details of that can be found on my personal blog about the whole thing:

But here it is, in its raw form (other than bumping the layers and cropping, obviously).


  1. The black/white contrast is very nicely done. Great balance to the pages. Like the insides of a titan-sized spaceship from Alien.

  2. Hello, my name is Vitor Silva, i'm from Portugal. I've been exploring abstract and experimental comics and page compositions lately. In the region of Portugal where I live there's a very interesting piece of our traditional folkloric costume, called the "taleigo" or "talêgo" which is a bag (used to store bread or to take food to work) made with squares or pieces of fabrics of different patterns. The end results of the "talêgo" can very interestingly be interpreted as pieces of abstract comics. Here is a link with various images of this portuguese folkloric yet possibly abstract item:
    If you want to, let me know what you thought of this by replying this comment.

    1. Hi Victor,

      Sorry -- only just seen this reply. Really like the idea of the taleigo being reinterpreted as a comic -- will take another look later.


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