Friday, March 4, 2016

Reminder: deadline for submitting to "Abstract Comics" vol. 2 is approaching.

The deadline is March 15.

And, OK, here's the deal. I am enough of a realist to realize there will be late submissions. There always are. And if they're good, I would of course want to consider them; on the other hand, I do have to set some ground rules. SO. If you are planning to submit but think your submission might be late, email me to show me what you have so far by March 15. (Again, links only, no attachments. And include "LATE SUBMISSION" in the subject line, just as all full submissions should include "SUBMISSION" in the subject line.) No late submissions that I have not been informed of before March 15 will be considered. And the more advanced your piece is, the better chances it has.

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  1. Thank you Andrei for the reminder, I'm nearly there. I've just submitted my PHD thesis - Abstract Sequential Art- so it has been very busy down here in Oz. I will have an offering for you soon. Let me know if I can be of help now that I have time while the examiners are assessing my research. Exciting times. All the best. Kym.


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