Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow Up Post about Asemic Writing in the Classroom

I thought I'd follow up my post on Asemic Writing in the Classroom with some images of some of the work. (I am now fully aware that I was not using Asemic Writing, but some of the work ends up being Asemic after all)

Today we pulled our first group of prints with a small group of special needs students. Here's what they had to offer:


  1. These are really beautiful. And yeah, this is what I think I was getting at. There may be a substitution-code logic going on in the creation of these, but there is no way I can decode the works as presented. Nor do I think they invite me to decode them. So I think they end up being asemic (at least in reception) by default. And I REALLY like them. They are inspiring. (Oh and look, just in time for the weekend when I can let the inspiration produce work.)

    I hope your students were really proud of their work.

  2. They are printed on Red constuction paper. It looks red on all the computers I've seen these images on.


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