Sunday, April 22, 2012

artwork by Yuichi Yokoyama

page taken from here.

"This is the artwork Yokoyama created in the exhibition "'I am drawing the Time.' by Yuichi Yokoyama, all archive of Neo-Manga" at Kawasaki City Mueum, right in front of the audience. The base of this artwork is from the proof copy for his book "BBF (Baby Boom Final)" which comes with this artwork and Yokoyama added lines, pasted pieces or draw characters on each sheet. He has create 100 patterns of this series as a total. Each artwork is unique and shows his fantastic world of creation to us."

His books of experimental manga include New Engineering, Travel, NIWA/Garden, Outdoor and Baby Boom. Author page at his US publisher Picturebox. Derik Badman's reviews of Travel & Color Engineering (1/3 of the way down).

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