Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Life in Records Kickstarter Project

I know this isn't abstract comics, but if any of you are interested in finding out more about my non-abstract work, you should check out my latest book on Kickstarter:

My Life in Records is a comic book series that tells the story of three brothers who are obsessed with music.  Into My Heart is the second issue of the series and begins with Tom’s brush with death in a swimming pool.  This experience combined with a kiddie gospel record gets Tom asking lots of questions.

For instance:
What is the difference between the Holy Ghost and Scary Ghosts?
Does Jesus stick out of people if He comes to live inside the heart of a person who is shorter than Him?

If you contribute to this project, you will have your name printed in the back of the book.  For a little extra, there are lots more goodies like original artwork, silk screened prints and other comic books by me.
"One of the things instantly recognizable about My Life In Records is that it captures, in visual language, the magical crackle and pop of a vinyl record being played. There are also some early snippets of song lyrics, those types of generational songs that define us. So, for all those people who say that music doesn’t work well in comics, this one proves them wrong. Thomas displays the lively colorful reds of guitar strings humming, and builds a tale about childhood memories, music, art, and pop culture like Sesame Street being the ephemeral soundtrack to a person’s life."  Poopsheet Foundation
"It’s always a little tricky to pull off music in comics, but I think Grant nailed it here."  Optical Sloth
So what are you waiting for?  Be part of this project!

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