Friday, July 12, 2013

978 (neuf sept huit) de Pascal Matthey

Today, in a bookshop, I found a strange 48cc comic book :
978 cover, Pascal Matthey, 5c
What's ? So, I looked inside : it's a kind of abstract comics ; like a mix of figuration libre and american abstract expressionism.
978 (excerpt), Pascal Matthey, 5c, 2013
978 (it's the first digits of books bar code), it's also a comic book de l'après surproduction (de bandes-dessinées). 

Pascal Matthey's 978 is published by la Cinquième Couche.  (more excerpts and a short introduction (in French) here.

ps : 48cc (48 pages couleur cartonné) is a term (of Jean-Christophe Menu) to denote the french standard commercial comic books.

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  1. This book is really interesting, and has some sadness content, since the collages are made of images taken from free catalogues from commercial publishers, and one is thus directly confronted to a kind of gulash-summary of european comics visual tendencies.

    Pascal also edited a series of 16 small photocopied comics, most of them abstract, by anonymous (but for some of them quite recognizable) authors, under the name "We all go down". I want to write a post about them for some time, but still haven't. One day, I hope.


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