Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Duel

For this comic, I took a page of dueling samurais from Lone Wolf and Cub and removed the figures, leaving only the action lines and rain.


  1. Hi!
    Here is Bira Dantas
    I am a brazilian cartoonist and would like to say that these abstract comics are fantastic.
    I have done some non-sense comics, you can see here:
    best wishes from Brazil

  2. Grant--that's amazing! What volume/page is that from? I keep talking about how regular comics too can have an underlying abstract force, what I call their "sequential dynamism"--this is a clear demonstration of that notion.

  3. Thanks Andrei! I had a feeling that you would like this.

    This is from the Dark Horse reprints. Volume 1 page 176. This page was so much fun, I was thinking of doing all the duels from the book and making a mini of them.

    I think Kojima's dense linework really lends itself to this kind of project.

    Bira: I think the Sept 26 entry would be a good example of what Scott McCloud is talking about when he talks about non-sequiter transition

  4. This is reallt great. Draw and I were talking about how this has a relationship to a work like Robert Rauschenberg's Erased DeKooning (where he takes a DeKooning drawing and erases it and that is the art). I really like what this has done to the "idea" of drawing - in the sense that rubbing out is traditionally seen as "not drawing" (as even the oppsite of drawing). Here this essential binary is reversed and the rub becomes the work itself, so to speak. You've "rubbed them out."

    Lovely work.


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