Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sequencing the fuzz of spontaneous moments, stuff vs. stuff, local truths, encoded time, internal histories, the racket the moon makes!

Trying some more non-representational comics. Unfortunately, the scanner I used is really crummy so pretend that ugly green line's not there, OK?


  1. I don't mind the green line at all--maybe, a la Duchamp with the Large Glass, you should just decree it's part of the work now.

    I like the piece, though I'm not sure I can see the sequentiality. I think it's maybe because of the mixed media--I get more of an overall collage effect that makes me want to take in the whole piece at once. Or maybe it's the total change from panel to panel... But as a piece of art, is really cool.

  2. Thanks - I'm not sure it really is sequential. It's maybe comics because it uses comics' iconography or because of the mixture of text and imagery. I've been liking Spigelman's co-mix idea lately - it feels much more inclusive. I'm wondering if sequentiality is necessary for something to be comics (not "sequential art," but "comics."). But, then, maybe it's not "non-represenational." I don't know.

  3. Well, it's very Rauschenbergian. So that if there is representation, it's basically at a second level, so to speak (not straightforward, realistic, diegetical representation). All the representation is in quotation marks.

  4. Also, it works like a Hal Foster strip where a meaning structure is set up ("sequencing the fuzz...the racket the moon makes!") and the panels illustrate the idea (a set of divergent panels is needed to convey the fractured, associative flow).

    But, yep, super RR - in fact, I was telling my wife when I was making it that I didn't want to just end up with a pale imitation of Rauschenburg...

  5. "like a Hal Foster strip"

    I think I could see that better if the text were on the piece itself... Actually, I think that could work really really well! That "title" seems to have six parts (separated by commas): were you intending a one-to-one corespondence with the six panels?

  6. I was thinking about doing that, actually, but I couldn't get it to work visually. I'm working on another one right now, and we'll see where it goes...

  7. really enjoy the roughness & spontaneous feeling of this one.

    playing with different size & shaped frames, perhaps overlapped or interpenetrating, would take me even further.

    what do neurons look like when they're firing? some of the craziest looking works make me think of ideas like this.

    if abstract comics/bds abstraites is an emerging genre, I'm looking forward to seeing more & more of the sub-genre of brutal, warped out abstracts.


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