Wednesday, May 6, 2009

first tries at abstract comics

Here is probably my first try, from fall 2002--ink and white-out on bristol:

That one's been up on blotcomics for a long time. Here, though, are my first attempts at doing abstract comics digitally by remixing one of my own drawings (an approach that has been with me ever since). These are from late 2003. They were done entirely in Microsoft Paint:

The original drawing that I remixed is a page from my mini, "Yam Seal Land."


  1. Seeing these brings back good memories.

    I like your first try - very simple but thoughtful. Did you have any idea it would lead to all this?

    Your Yam Seal Remix always gave me the same feeling as something in one of the GON books, where every detail is epic and the whole is actually totally awesome (as opposed to 'like totally awesome'.)

  2. Thanks, Mike!

    I should point out that I didn't even have a scanner at the time, so the page I remixed was from a scan by Mike himself.

    As to whether I had any idea--Lord, no. I suppose some of the credit, actually, has to go to, umm, Domingos--I remember in the summer of 2002 we kept debating on a thread on the TCJ messboard the possibilities of various kinds of avant-garde comics: image-less comics, and also abstract comics. He brought up a couple of examples that I wasn't fully convinced by (I remember I couldn't see the sequentiality in them), I brought up the ones that I knew and loved then, and still love now--Saul Steinberg, Gary Panter, Crumb, Alechinsky. So this stayed in the back of my mind and, a couple of months later, I remember thinking, why not try my hand at it myself?


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