Monday, January 4, 2010

Spiral 18/20: Spiral Spiral: 100% Opacity & 50% Opacity

I don't know which of these I like better. What is your opinion? If I were to show one publicly, which would be the stronger piece?

100% Opacity----------------------------------50% Opacity
click to enlarge------------------------------------click to enlarge


  1. there's a little more mystery in the 50% to my eye. how large are you printing these?

  2. i would actually do the 100% -- it seems more purposeful, even though the 50% is "prettier".

  3. These give me more of a feeling of centeredness than your last post here. Even before I enlarged them to 400%, some of the panels gave me a feeling of looking into a rose or some sort of flower.
    I guess these speak to me because so much of the work that I've done over the decades have been symetrical drawings & paintings, and I know that having a symetrical drawing, painting or mandala on the wall pulls together the feeling of the room.
    Of course it is possible to create a symetrical drawing or painting that gives something of a disquieted feeling if that is what you want to express, as one finds that out in experimentation.

  4. They're both beautiful but I think I prefer the one on the left - 100%. I really like the contrast of the solid blacks overlapping the lighter tones.

  5. I prefer 100%, I just keep looking at that one!

  6. I prefer the left one as well, but I like them both a lot! To me, they feel like a progression of each other (page 1 @ 100%, page 2 @ 50%)


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