Saturday, May 1, 2010

An imbroglio

Edit: here is the original version, see explanation in the comments:


  1. Puzzling.

    This looks like the spinodal decomposition to me (look for example at Of course, the question is: what if we dance?

    I enjoy following your blog and would like to thank all the contributors for their great work.

  2. Thanks, MJ. Yeah, I can imagine it would be a bit puzzling, and I made it more as an experiment, or a taking of a certain tendency to an extreme, to see what would result. Basically, I wanted to make a strip where there is change from panel to panel, but because there is also strong texture, and the texture overall is similar, though the individual shapes are different, it reads like a unified page, or like stasis. So it's kind of like stasis in the middle of movement.

    I added the first version, which looks a little bit like noodles (though it is all digitally rendered). I wasn't quite happy with it, and ended up turning up the contrast to pure b&w, then smoothing the shapes with median in PS, to come up with what I first posted (and also because, this way, it could serve as a page, possibly, in my sequel to "24 x 24").

    Thanks for the link about Spinodal decomposition: the images they show there are quite beautiful, and, interestingly, that process of decomposition can very easily be paralleled, formally, through some operations in Photoshop--pretty much what I had done here.

  3. I should add that each one of the panels was produced independently, but because the textures are so similar, the eye automatically starts to find continuities across the gutters, from panel to panel.

  4. Thank you so much for this explanation.

  5. the CahnHillariard animation is terrific as is the explantaion, which I can't get my mind around but add it anyway to my pleasures.


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