Thursday, November 19, 2009

Collage abstract comics by Jeffrey Meyer

"Stepping on Cracks"

"Factory Tour"

"Draw the Pick Yourself"


"Flat Creation"

(all images clickable)

While, according to Jeffrey, all the pieces here were done in the last few months, he has been at this for a long time. He writes:

I've been doing abstract comics since high school (late 80s) and had one called "Nightfall" published in CEREBUS BI-WEEKLY or whatever Sim's reprint series was called in the early 90s (?) -- no idea what issue, and I don't even have a copy of the art. That was just a one-pager with each panel getting progressively darker, filled up with Zip-A-Tone, ink, fingerprints, etc. Pretty obvious, but the important thing is that I was PAID ($150!) haha. I used to do a lot of B&W collage comics (source images photocopied repeatedly until high contrast, then cut up and pasted into panels) attempting to capture simple movements, like car wheels and painted lines on the highway, etc. but none of that stuff survives as far I know.

I tend to obssess over some of the same ideas when I watch movies:

which I'd like to use to make some sort of comics or sequential imagery at some point.

Same with this page I do:

but right now nothing's come of that stuff except collecting the pictures.

More on Jeffrey's Flickr page and on his website.


  1. Really like that first one with the moon. Very nice.

  2. these are nice, and oddly enough reminded me of some situationist stuff i'd seen. awesome.

  3. what a rich trove of images & vision. thanks for posting it.

  4. Thanks Andrei for the post, and everyone else for the comments -- I appreciate it. The work in the anthology and here on the blog has been very inspiring.

  5. wauw, really nice post. I like the Factory Tour very much!


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