Wednesday, November 11, 2009

over, into, on


  1. That's nice! I'm curious, it almost looks like you made part of that with this: Am I guessing right?

  2. exactly!
    interesting how in digital work there's easily an unmistakable hand of the software just as there used to be a hand of the maker.
    there was something about the spaces between the configurations of your sketch that made me want to explore this kind of connect- disconnect among frames, reading every which way.

  3. wow, this is very different from other work, rapp, and I really like it. The interconnectiveness zooms along, with terrific punctuations: the black square, the four black dots in a curve at the top, the black square with centered red dot. The squares stop the action before it goes flying off again.

  4. Thanks! I was trying in that sketch to move away from the regular grid I've used before. I'm glad it proved inspiring (and so fast!).


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