Sunday, November 22, 2009

The ultimate abstract comic?

Daniel Dezeuze, Chassis, 1967:

Edited to add comparison to first page of Jason Overby's piece from the anthology:


  1. it does approach a sort of metaphysical essentialism, like those very old statues of siva that are just empty frames with little feet
    that basically say, siva is the world, or if one is a little more sophisticated, thought is a framing mechanism for something we can't quite ever grasp, divinity, or madness perhaps, or life is always framed by death, and vice versa, in other words, always already enframed, tat tvam asi, in any possible sense, or senselessness.

  2. Do you know the movie "Down by Law" by Jim Jarmush? When Zak, Jack and Bob are in the jail cell, Bob draws a window on the wall, then asks: "Am I looking at the window, or through the window?". Jack, no, Zak (or Jack?) answers: "Bob, in this case, you're looking at the window". I think it fails the test as there's no story arch - where's the beginning, the tension and the resolution? Don't take me wrong - I see abstract comics everywhere since I've found your blog (and started to read your anthology) - as far as I'm concerned, you're definitively educating.

  3. Mojo--

    I guess I should have added some kind of smiley emoticon to the title of my post? :)

    And yeah, I haven't seen it in ages, but "Down by Law" used to be one of my favorite movies.

    And thanks!

  4. Ah! Ah! - I'm so embarrassed now :-)

  5. The comic structure secretly hiding behind every piece "fine" art, whether known or unbeknown?


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