Monday, November 7, 2011

"Franz Kline, Road Crew Employee," by David Greenberger

More on the artist. We will have another post, with David's abstract cartoons, soon. "Franz Kline" is available for purchase as a $10 poster. David does not have a website for his abstract pieces, but you can see some other kinds of his work at his Duplex Planet website, or you can contact him via his Facebook profile.


  1. People, come on! It's like Franz Kline, but made up from bits of road repair work! It's really smart and funny!

    I guess I'm just surprised no one's commenting...

  2. I don't find his works on the duplex planet website !…

  3. Well, it's his website, and you can contact him through it. The drawings and other pieces are not on it, as I understand.

  4. Ah! thanks -- I understood the opposite…

  5. I like the composition, but not so much the title.

    the title ties it down to the English language & expectation that you know a little bit of art history.

    lose the title, & you've got a more universal composition.


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