Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Pequenos Mundos" by Diniz Conefrey

I can't find an easier way to link to it directly, but go here and open the pdf under the first thumbnail to see the entire 41-page comic.

Diniz writes "I´m a Portuguese comic author that since the 80's has done some experiences with abstract forms in comics." This is his "full first experience entirely abstract in comics... The name of the sequence is Little Worlds."

Back in March, Diniz also wrote a series of three posts about his experiences with abstraction in comics. If you read Portuguese, or just want to look at the beautiful drawings, go here, here, and here. Again, I don't speak Portuguese, so if anyone were willing to provide a quick translation or a summary, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks to Diniz for writing (and apologies for my delay in posting this!), and also to Pedro Moura for a heads-up.


  1. wow I love these. They're serious business.

  2. Any idea how to get a copy of the swirly one below? I'd love something physical.


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