Wednesday, December 9, 2009



  1. I really like the visuals in the middle, but am less into the words.

    however, the idea of comments or critiques right next to the abstract parts is a strong one.

    I can imagine passing something abstract around a room, & asking for people to scrawl their reactions in the margins.

    the visuals in the comic above could be interpreted as different dimensions or different elemental forces, perhaps a series of transformations from one force to another. science fiction comics, or philosophical comics.

  2. This is great. Do you know Sol Lewitt's drawings?? He was a conceptual artist from the 50s and 60s. This really reminds me of his work. Have a look here:

    I like the idea of thinking of these as forces. And the transformation of forces. This would, after all, be the innovation of abstract images (to reveal forces independent of matter, just as modern physics did).

  3. Thanks. The words weren't really intended to be part of the drawing. They were just things I scribbled while making it. I thought they added some other dimension, but, yes, the piece in the center is much more elegant and mysterious, maybe. It no longer exists, btw. I drew on top of it and erased it and am inking it into something else.


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