Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unidentified object, possibly sequential

Cat. no. 2934: Unidentified object, limestone, probably for ritual use. Approx. 6" x 6" x 3.5". Predominant scholarly opinion believes the object was intended to be worn by a priest or similar religious figure (since the civilization left no written records, its religious practices are still a matter of conjecture). An apparent drill hole at one corner suggests the object hung in "diamond" position, as illustrated. A minority view (See Smith & Delsanto, 2005b, pp. 90-106) holds that the "drill hole" is not man-made, but simply the result of erosion. According to this interpretation, the object was intended to be displayed on one of its sides (even within this scholarly camp, consensus has not been reached as to which side exactly). Smith and Delsanto, building upon a suggestion first made by Schlutter (1953d, p. 1129 fn. 3), see the object's surface as divided into roughly sixteen squares or "panels," and believe it may have served a narrative function. Even if this hypothesis is correct, however, the surface is too degraded to guess at the exact nature of such a narrative.


  1. This combination of image and described archaelogic is Awesomeness even if I have not an idea.

  2. are you sure it isn't a gigantic calligraphic seal, created by a colossal ancient being, which has been weathered by millennia of exposure to desert winds?

    the "drill hole" could have been caused later, by Atlantean priest-scientists.

  3. Tim, you may very well be right. You should make the suggestion to Smith or Delsanto themselves--Smith's email address is

    I should add that this post was dedicated to Harry Mathews.


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