Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spiral 18/20: Arch Spiral: Black, White, and Transparent

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  1. nice. seems like a set of Shojis.
    my one question, if i were to have one, or
    i guess the only puncta i don't weave
    immediately, is the simply tonal reversion
    of the center piece, when a unique individual
    could have been made. these seem like they
    would be pleasureful to make. oR I would have
    made the two end ones the same but had the
    center be different, but now that i think
    of it like that, i like the way it is
    already as it seems more wabi sabi.

    ontic, unnecessary or random

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  3. The second panel is not merely a negative of the first. Basically, I created a pattern using black shapes and white shapes. The first panel is with a white background, disguising the white shapes. The second is with a black background, disguising the black shapes. The third is with all shapes outlined. It is meant to draw on the role negative and positive space play in the way we see and interpret an image.

  4. Cool. I love how when you click on them you can get the extreme close up. These can be so many things to me, from microscopic bugs, to birds, to stars. I like getting lost in the scale. I like how the repeating pattern within each frame gives it motion and 3 dimensionality. It seems to move in a metamorphic way. =)


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