Saturday, March 20, 2021

Philosophy Stuff, Mark Staff Brandl


Not abstract images, mostly, but abstract thought. These are the comic-style / sequential art chapter preludes-cum-frontispieces for my in-the-works philosophy book for Bloomsbury Press for the "Aesthetics and Contemporary Art" Series (David Carrier and Tiziana Andina, editors), titled tentatively Visual Metaphor, Analytic Philosophy and Contemporary Art. The rest and the bulk of the book is, of course, text. More about it soon. Here, view it as a comic magazine:

Sunday, April 19, 2020

"Universe A": a sequence

On March 24, exactly seventeen months after I started it, I finished my 200-page graphic novel, Universe A. Let no one say the pandemic doesn't help productivity. On the other hand, social distancing as we all are, I currently don't even have access to the equipment I need to scan it properly. Anyway, here's a preview -- specifically, pages 116 to 129 of the book.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

ABSTRACTION and COMICS is here! I am very grateful to be included in this splendid international publication, with 42-pages of my theory and artwork printed in the Practice section of Volume 1.  Many thanks to the hard work of Aarnoud Rommens (ed), Benoit Crucifix, Bjorn-Olav Dozo, Erwin Dejasse and Pablo Turnes, The University of Liege, and ACME Publications, we now have this massive 2 volume 900-page tome to enjoy.