Wednesday, May 18, 2016

AC on AC: Autechre

2013 - Autechre - Exai (cover, inner sleeves and disc art)
Design by The Designers Republic

(One of the above scans was found at:, which houses a nice collection of album art.)

2016 - Autechre - Feed1 single
Design by The Designers Republic

2005 - Autechre - Untitled (cover and unused designs)
Art Direction and design by Alex Rutherford 

2008 - Autechre - EP
Artwork by The Designers Republic

In case you missed this on Sunday…
[ Abstract Comics on Album Covers: The Brian Eno Edition ]

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What Would Paul Klee Say?

My new abstract comics book arrived in the mail today. 
I'm pleased with it and ready to create the next one.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Intercorstal: 683 (Kickstarter launch)

A few months ago I posted a sequence of images from 'The Intercorstal: 683', an anthology comic, albeit with ever page completed by me. I've just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it printed, which can be found here:

I'm incredibly proud of '683', and early reaction from proof readers and reviewers has been really positive. Here's a few of the preview pages, from sequences 1, 3 and 5 respectively.

Abstract Comics on Album Covers: The Brian Eno Edition

1978-1982 - Brian Eno / Harold Budd / Laraaji - Ambient 1-4 (covers combined)
Cover Art by Brian Eno

1983 - Brian Eno - More Music For Films
Cover Design by Andrew Day

1991 - Brian Eno - My Squelchy Life
Cover Re-boot: Leg-Salad / Original Cover Concept: Anonymous / Artwork and Design: Nick Robertson
Photography: Rolf Engel, Nick Robertson and Roland Blum / Flying Art Pieces: Brian Eno

1992 - Brian Eno - The Shutov Assembly
The cover art is an image from the video painting "Egypt" by Eno and Greg Jakobek

1993 - Brian Eno - Neroli
Cover by Brian Eno and Nick Robertson

2003 - Brian Eno - Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now
Design, Layout: Sam Blunden / Art Direction, Cover Illustration: Brian Eno

2006 - Various - Compounds + Elements: An Introduction to All Saints Records
Images: Brian Eno

2010 - Brian Eno - Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Design, Art Direction and Photography by Nick Robertson
Photography: Tim Eves, Full Stop and Nick Turner

2012 - Brian Eno - Music For Films (Album originally released in 1978)
This cover redesign by C. Chamberlin, 2012 (Read more here.)

...and here, if I may indulge in some personal nostalgia on this post, is a drawing I made way back in high school while listening to Eno’s Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks and is perhaps a precursor to my abstract comics: