Monday, June 24, 2013


This is a set of illustrations based on a fictional character from the comic 'New Statesmen', written by John Smith. He's fictional to the power of three: he appears in a work of fiction (i.e. the comic, The New Statesmen) as a character written in an interpolative text ('And He The Mother Of Them All' by the Soft Kore Kollective) and in the universe that he's presented within, he's a legendary, semi-mythical character.

In the text that the reader is given, Mr Soft is a terrible figure, casually bringing about the end of the world as he wanders across it, crook in hand. He explodes a bomb of poisonous gas in the heart of a city while he watches from his hotel room, causes the plane that he's riding to crash, gives handfuls of pills to a suicidal pre-teen, and so on. It's that destructive nature I've tried to capture here, in two portraits and two comics -- the comics lift text from 'New Statesmen' but present it broken and out of sync.

I've posted the black and white copies here, as this is how they were intended to be seen, but the pre-greyscale versions carry their own charm, and can be seen on my Facebook page (

'The New Statesmen' is out of print, but TPB's can be found on Abe Books pretty easily, and Amazon with a bit of poking about.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Abstract Kirby!

I suppose I should mention this here. I'm doing daily draw a page of Kirby until I get through the Fourth World and this is the result in my comics

Here's a page from the book

You can buy it Amazon, 24 pages of black and white abstraction in 4 frames per page some splashes and some two panel pages

Abstract Kirby

Mark Badger