Friday, September 22, 2017

Found Forest Floor

A short while ago, Found Forest Floor came out. It's a collaboration between myself and Erik Blagsvedt, and I'm very proud of it. It's about 250 pages of my artwork combined with Erik's poetry. The photos posted below are from my now slightly battered but well loved personal copy.

As an object, the book itself is really satisfying. As a read, I think most people who've already bought it have been dipping in and out, which is fine, but I strongly recommend reading it in longer bursts, as it has a strange, cumulative effect.

Full details can be found on my Intercorstal site here:

You can buy it from Createspace here (which I'd recommend for non-UK buyers):

I'm doing a deal where you can buy direct from me and I'll draw on the inside page and include a page of artwork from the book, but postage costs make it a bit more expensive for anyone outside the UK. You can get that here: