Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alberto Breccia, GRM (service de la recherche de l'ortf), même combat* ?

* same war ?

Monday, January 30, 2012

AC Film Festival : Continu Discontinu by GRM (1959)

Two short concret abstract animation films by Piotr Kamler with concret music by Luc Ferrari an by Iannis Xénakis :

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"say when"

"say when" by Rosaire Appel.
(Three 16x20 digital prints from an accordion book by the same name.)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anonymous abstract comic, c. 2007-2008

I bought this comic, together with another one (less obviously sequential) clearly by the same artist at Forbidden Planet in NYC around 2007-2008. I asked at the counter who had drawn it, since it it had no information whatsoever, and they had no idea. I also asked their minicomic purchaser at the time, Austin English, and he told me he had not bought it for the store, the price label wasn't even one the store used, and that occasionally people would sneak in and put their own comics on the minicomics shelf without the store's knowledge. Further inquiries online yielded no answer, unfortunately: too bad, because I would have liked to put it, or something new by the same creator, in the Abstract Comics anthology. I held a hope that, once the anthology came out, he or she would contact me, but that hasn't happened. So here it is. If you drew it, please contact me! Even if you didn't draw it, but know or at least have a suspicion who did, please let me know.

Interiors 4

Latest comic up on my website Drawingsilence.com I'll be posting something every Wednesday for the next few weeks.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

David Greenberger Tuesday! (Instrumental edition)

"When Harpo Played the Harp"

"Vibes, Marimba"

"Drum Solo"

"Photo of My First Bass Guitar and Amplifier"

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Intercorstal: Witches

"Pleasure Dancing"

Following on from my earlier post, which was about 'The Intercorstal' in general, I thought I'd share one of the standalone comics I've produced as part of the project.

During 2011 I started to experiment with new ways of producing pages for The Intercorstal, which led to applying packing stickers to found materials and using the outlines of the shapes that showed through to inform the direction of my pen marks. My wife and I were sent a set of promotional postcards by P&O Cruise company, and they seemed perfect. Over a period of about a month I created 8 pages from those postacrds -- I've posted a selection of them here. I then had 'art roadie' Daryl Morris create a PDF of them and handed copies out at events, and sent some off through the mail.

"The Blue Peter"
In much the same way that there's an argument as to whether The Intercorstal is 'abstract', I find myself asking whther these pages are 'comic pages'. They tell a narrative, and parts of a narrative, and the boundaries of the stickers create the panels, but because the images in those panels connect together the pages also stand as single images. I think I'm most happy thinking of them as splash pages -- each one announcing a new narrative path, or a defining piece of action. Would be intersted to see what you all think?
"The Rat King"

"And His Angry Ghost"

Here a little exercise I made from my "DIY a abstract comic" grid ; You can read it in three distinct ways : aabb, abab or abba.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Button Eye by Kurt Kranz (1970 ?)

A straight (and very interessant) comic strip of Bauhaus artist Kurt Kranz :

abstract comic by Bauhaus Artist Kurt Kranz
Kurt Kranz, Button Eye, 1970 ?, (crédit : http://bauhaus-online.de/en/atlas/werke/button-eye

(Andreï, I hope you didn't want to post this…) edit : another abstract comic, from 1966, by K. Kranz here.

Martin Vaughn-James, "Après la bataille," 1974

This piece first appeared in Minuit no. 10, 1974. Not abstract, except syntactically. Still I think it's an important related genre to abstract comics. And notice the purely formal connections from panel to panel.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Intercorstal Pages 47, 48 and 49

A few of you may remember my project The Intercorstal from a little while ago (terrifyingly, I think it was years, rather than months...). Work has continued apace on it -- the last news featured on this blog about it was when I was celebrating reaching the end of the first third of my arbitrary 96-page target by producing a free-to-all 32-page comic.

Since then, the project's been through a few twists and turns. Since that first comic, I've produced another four, each one moving further and further from the style of comic I'm presenting here. I'll go into more detail on each of those in a later post, but hopefully if I tell you that the latest Intercorstal comic was a site-specific collaborative comic using photographs of a barber shop and some postage stickers, you'll get some idea of how far I've drifted from these 'traditional Intercorstal' pages.

My focus for the project for the moment is to return to the original Intercorstal style pages, and the three pages I've posted here are a result of that. As I complete more of them, I'll post them here, hopefully in groups of images that work together.

If anyone's keen to have a look at the pages I've completed so far, along with some details of the stand-alone Intercorstal comics I've done, they can be seen at The Intercorstal Blog.

A story for SOPA day

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

David Greenberger Tuesday! (Rosebud edition)

"Ballpoint Pen Springs and Pennies Along a Border"

"My imaginary Ballpoint Pen Spring Collection Intermingled With Actual Pennies"

"If Staples Coast a Penny Each"

""I Made This With My Dad When I was Ten - We Stapled Ballpoint Pen Springs and Glued Pennies to a Board"

Monday, January 16, 2012

episode x

an abstract comic book with asemic writing

click here for more info

CONVOLUTED NOISE: Abstract Comics based on and inspired by avant garde noise music from Japan

Artchéologisme 2

abstract comic by Mattias-Fausse-Monnaie
Artchéologisme 2, 2011

the first "sunday strip" of artchéologisme is here

edit : the color red-orange is good now.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

David Greenberger Tuesday! (Int'l Standard Percentages edition)

"25% Spaghetti, 25% Ballpoint Pen Springs, 25% Staples, 25% Dogs"

"50% Dogs, 25% Staples, 25% Ballpoint Pen Springs"

"25% Staples, 37.5% Teeth, 37.5% Olives"

Jem Eaton, "The Canal of the Eternal Sun"

Jem (also known as Jeremy, for those of you who might know his earlier comics such as A Sleepyhead Tale, The Island of Dr. Moral, and A World of Trouble) describes this piece as "a sequential grid, based on certain central conceits proposed in my new novel, Funny Sunday." The novel-in-progress, described by the artist as "a fantastic and darkly-humorous epic tale of sex, murder, theology, philosophy and cartoons, one featuring homicidal adolescents, hard-drinking bible salesmen, horny cartoonists, sinister birds, contemplative parasites, and talking trees," can be found here.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Book - Amorphous Thoughts

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted - but I've been hard at work wrapping up my latest project, Amorphous Thoughts. This book is a sequel to my 2008 book - Stray Thoughts. (Originally covered by this blog here)

Page 5

You can read the whole book here.

There's a more detailed rundown of the project in the book itself - but I hope everyone enjoys it!

- Chris

TENM (third part).

the first part is here ; the second is here.

abstract comic by Mattias-Fausse-Monnaie
tenm pl. IV

TENM (suite)

pl. II and III :

abstract comic by Mattias-Fausse-Monnaie
Tenm pl. II
abstract comic by Mattias-Fausse-Monnaie
Tenm pl. III

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mod 24

David Greenberger Tuesday! (Maritime edition)

"Waters of the World"

"The Water Was Full of Periscopes"

"Bottom-Dwelling Sea Creatures"