Sunday, January 22, 2012

Martin Vaughn-James, "Après la bataille," 1974

This piece first appeared in Minuit no. 10, 1974. Not abstract, except syntactically. Still I think it's an important related genre to abstract comics. And notice the purely formal connections from panel to panel.


  1. These are great, thanks for the introduction ...

  2. Not abstract comics but it was published in Minuit too, and those are very interesting experimental comics by Robert Varlez :

  3. Lutz--I just checked out your blogs (that is, your art blog and your posts on "Thinking in Panels), they're both excellent. I feel like I should have known your work before--I'd love to know where you're coming from.

  4. Thanks Andrei! I mostly work as a translator and copy-editor on the contemporary arts beat with just a couple of essays here and there, so unless you're a habitual reader of small print, it's unlikely you've seen the name before. (Except maybe if you get lists of those who buy "The Book" :-)

    Everybody: would it make sense to get the French edition of The Cage?

  5. I have it on excellent authority that the English-language edition of "The Cage" will soon be published on UbuWeb. Why don't you wait until then?

    (I could describe at length how the French edition doesn't live up to the English original, but I've done that several times already on different forums on the web, and I'm kind of tired of rehearsing the same arguments... But let me know if you would like me to, I don't know if any of those forums are available anymore.)


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