Monday, January 16, 2012

CONVOLUTED NOISE: Abstract Comics based on and inspired by avant garde noise music from Japan


  1. I'm glad to see you finding inspiration in music.

    Noise is becoming quite a big musical genre. There are even new subgenres "wall noise" & "shit noise".

    a circuit-bending noise musician out of London, Cementimental, has a whole graphic novel full of visual noise.

    there's crossover in a few zines devoted to "noise comix" & noise music.

    I take the idea of noise rather literally, & have started to make little books out of my less pretty inkblots, tearing the edges before stapling them. not comics, but certainly noisy.

  2. Thanks Tim.I wasn't sure if anybody would see the connection. I'm looking for zines and other info on the genre, if you could kindly send me any links to unklemayhem@aol. com. I post a lot of music related stuff, including my music, on my facebook page: James Mahan of foxborough, Massachusetts. Enjoy!


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