Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anonymous abstract comic, c. 2007-2008

I bought this comic, together with another one (less obviously sequential) clearly by the same artist at Forbidden Planet in NYC around 2007-2008. I asked at the counter who had drawn it, since it it had no information whatsoever, and they had no idea. I also asked their minicomic purchaser at the time, Austin English, and he told me he had not bought it for the store, the price label wasn't even one the store used, and that occasionally people would sneak in and put their own comics on the minicomics shelf without the store's knowledge. Further inquiries online yielded no answer, unfortunately: too bad, because I would have liked to put it, or something new by the same creator, in the Abstract Comics anthology. I held a hope that, once the anthology came out, he or she would contact me, but that hasn't happened. So here it is. If you drew it, please contact me! Even if you didn't draw it, but know or at least have a suspicion who did, please let me know.

One last thing--I'm not really sure which way is up on this book. This direction seems to me to flow best, but the price tag might seem to indicate that what I have posted as the back cover is actually the front. So you could also start from the other end, and flip all the images over (at least in your imagination) to read it.


  1. No idea who made that. That's not a Fort Thunder comic. Looks great though. -brian C

  2. Thanks, Brian!

    For anyone who might be curious about this, Brian is referring to our discussion on Facebook, where James Mahan suggested it might have been drawn by someone from Fort Thunder.

  3. Wow. That's an incredible book.

  4. When I seen it, I thought about Mandelbrot's surfaces (second and third pictures).

    It's great.


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