Monday, June 18, 2018

"Matthew Goes to an Art Fair," an entry badge comic, by Matthew Collings and Mark Staff Brandl

While this is not actually an Abstract Comic, it so "odd" that I suspect it fits best here. I made a comic-object, a rather "meta-" object in fact, for a show in New York City. I want to do more Object-Comics. I hopüe to soon.

The is an entry-badges comic  object I made with the great London critic, author and artist Matthew Collings. It was on display now in CENTRAL BOOKING Art Space in NYC. This is a vertical version made for ease of scrolling on internet. (and Emma Biggs and I also make quick walk-ons!)

Becasue of the difficulty in adapting it to vertical scrolling, and so i do not take up endless room on the blog, it is best viewed here:

I hope you enjoy it.