Wednesday, July 17, 2013

La téla di Penelope

abstract comics by mFausse
La téla di Penelope, mFausse, juillet 2013, upside
abstract comic by mFausse
La téla di Penelope, mFausse, juillet 2013, down

It's the second one of a comics project inspired by Greek mythology. The first, Fractal, is here.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

anx voy

published in Central Booking magazine

Blaise Larmee

Blaise LarmeeBlaise LarmeeBlaise LarmeeBlaise LarmeeBlaise LarmeeBlaise LarmeeBlaise LarmeeBlaise LarmeeBlaise Larmee

Blaise Larmee is an American cartoonist, critic, and publisher, best known for his graphic novella Young Lions. He is not one to let his work speak for itself. He one of the most talented and challenging artists. Treading the line between new aesthetic and pop art, with a heavy dose of postmodern whimsy, portions of his oeuvre evoke Murakami and early newspaper comics, while others suggest the “unmediated" school of photographers, like John Divola or Taylor Radelia, while others seem straight out of early twentieth century academia. At once highly theoretically structured and conceptually apathetic, he’s a talent to watch and a  particularly interesting presence in comics these days. Very challenging. What he lacks as a storyteller, he potentially makes up for with penciling strength. He is a young hipster living in Brooklyn.

Friday, July 12, 2013

978 (neuf sept huit) de Pascal Matthey

Today, in a bookshop, I found a strange 48cc comic book :
978 cover, Pascal Matthey, 5c
What's ? So, I looked inside : it's a kind of abstract comics ; like a mix of figuration libre and american abstract expressionism.
978 (excerpt), Pascal Matthey, 5c, 2013
978 (it's the first digits of books bar code), it's also a comic book de l'après surproduction (de bandes-dessinées). 

Pascal Matthey's 978 is published by la Cinquième Couche.  (more excerpts and a short introduction (in French) here.

ps : 48cc (48 pages couleur cartonné) is a term (of Jean-Christophe Menu) to denote the french standard commercial comic books.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Form / Structure

Not narrative, but an abstract sketch. I am working with some new source materials and drafted the structure below. It has a lot of the form I like -- grid, composition, dynamism -- but manages somehow to still be very static.

I am interested in how to extend this approach towards a semblance of a narrative, other than zoomed in snapshots. I've tried an algorithmic panel randomizer on this type of work before, and not sure I want to repeat. Any suggestions are welcome!

Thursday, July 4, 2013