Monday, April 8, 2024

I Got Interviewed by The Comics Journal

Hi everyone,

Quick note to highlight this interview I did with The Comics Journal, which came out last month. It covers my history of making comics, with some reminiscing about, and gratitude toward, this blog and its contributors.

Here's a recent double-page spread from one of my current projects, 'Too Dry To Cope', which I didn't mention in the interview because I've only started it since the interview stopped.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

A History of Composition in Art, Abstract "Covers" Paintings (M. S. Brandl)

This is a sub-section of my 500+ "Covers" artworks created from 2001 until 2023. These are paintings or drawings in oil, acrylic, gouache, and ink on paper, canvas or board in various sizes, often not far from letter size, but from half that up to a few feet /meters in size. They recognizably utilize the structure of comic-book covers, or Show-Card lettering posters, with title, bold lettering, price, date, numbering, image and so on. They have been usually exhibited in groups, as installations and as "footnotes" to my large painting-installations.

 The whole group is on Blogger here ( or Facebook here (
This group is one of man sub-sets within the whole group, each made for very specific contexts and shows. This one is 'The History of Composition in Art in Abstract Comic "Covers".' It was made for an exhibition of abstract comics organized by artist, art historian and organizer Andrei Molotiu, who we all pay homage to on this blog!, for a show in 2009-2010 in City University of New York James Gallery titled "Silent Pictures. Special thanks to Andrei and to curator Linda Norden who managed to find a spinner rack to display them in as I prefer. The show was inspired by Molotiu's excellent anthology, 'Abstract Comics' (Fantagraphics Books, 2009). The whole series is meant to be seen as a sequence, and best in a Spinner rack.