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100 Scenes, a graphic novel

my abstract graphic novel is available as a pay-for-download e-book from XinXii (Germany). the actual publisher is Transgressor, of South Australia.

you can read the first 10 pages freely by clicking on Look Inside / _excerpt_ at the XinXii link.

100 pages of black & white abstract shapes suggest a story.

similar to Andrei's blotcomics, but without frames.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abstract Comics in "Party Crashers" show at Arlington Arts Center

Two of my digital animations:

Original art for four pages from my Ruins project:

my "Two of the Missing Pages from The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym":

(You can see more of my work in the show here.)

Rosaire Appel's and Derik Badman's wall (I'm sorry I didn't take better photos of their pieces):

Warren Craghead's cubes:

Warren's Un Caligramme, from the anthology:

A case-full of Warren's drawings:

Blaise Larmee's piece wasn't up yet when I took these pictures.

For more info on the show, see here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Derek Beaulieu on "Abstract Comics"

Poet and visual poet Derek Beaulieu has written a column on Abstract Comics: The Anthology, where he also focuses on anthology contributor and blog member Billy Mavreas.

Andrei Molotiu has compiled an incredible anthology of non-narrativity and abstraction in his Abstract Comics: The Anthology 1967-2009 (Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 2009). The book is companion to his excellent blog Abstract Comics: The Blog. Covering 43 different artists, Abstract Comics opens with a exemplary discussion of abstraction in comics books and its overlap with contemporary art...

The book is an incredible resource of potentiality (and the blog only furthers the discussion); I can’t recommend it higher.

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Shrouds, by Gary Shipley

here are one of the Contents pages & one of the interior pages from Gary Shipley's 93 page "asemic novel" Shrouds.

so far, it is in PDF form, but he is looking for a publisher for a physical book version.

if you'd like to see the PDF, which is more than 50 Mb, please email Gary: gj-shipley (AT)

(images updated on 14 Dec, with better scans.)

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eighty samples

digital print / 16x20" /