Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abstract Comics in "Party Crashers" show at Arlington Arts Center

Two of my digital animations:

Original art for four pages from my Ruins project:

my "Two of the Missing Pages from The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym":

(You can see more of my work in the show here.)

Rosaire Appel's and Derik Badman's wall (I'm sorry I didn't take better photos of their pieces):

Warren Craghead's cubes:

Warren's Un Caligramme, from the anthology:

A case-full of Warren's drawings:

Blaise Larmee's piece wasn't up yet when I took these pictures.

For more info on the show, see here.


  1. Thanks! I wish we could get the show to travel so as to bring it to you.

  2. the show is amazing ,I would love to be new blog


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